Rules of hell

The rules are easy:

  • No taksie backsies
  • Your deck must have a minimum value of 40.000 SEK
  • First shuffle, then cut, then ANTE!
  • The ante card should be hidden until the game has ended
  • Sign and optionally alter the card you loose
  • Post your spoils in the spoils of war gallery

Shuffle, Cut, Ante

No taksie backsies!

Birdie rules
You are only allowed to name a bird if these conditions is met:
* You are the owner of the bird
* The bird does not have a name

Naming of birds
You can name the bird to whatever you like, but it might be a good idea to check out The Bird Watchers Log and choose a name not already in use. Just add “space dash space NAME” after the actual name of the card.
e.g. Jeweled Bird – Coco

Bird Watchers/Owners
Whenever you get a hold on a new bird, please update the bird in The Bird Watchers Log so we can keep track of the birds.