Fishliver War Report

Time for a short war report from the 2019 Fishliver Oil Cup!

First I played some games with Jason. He was on the same deck as when we played on the Magic Island Tour, Rb atog with lots of artifacts but few creatures, but I had managed to make my tax/tower millstone deck even worse for everybody involved: I had turned it into Buehler tax/tower combo with the Land’s Edge finish. Twice, it failed miserably, but once, I got Library of Leng + Ivory Tower going and ended up at over 170 life. In that game, I also managed to stop all Jason’s birds, so while I lost a bird the other two games, in this game, I did win this beauty, my first non-Bird spoils:

Then, for the next days, I rebuilt my deck into BW control. I only got in two games, but I thoroughly demolished Christian, resupplying my Birds. Really looking forward to revisiting this deck in the future. Unless the Land Tax decks, it was a lot of fun to play. (Possibly because I won by huge margins. Possibly.)

Casual Win and Loss

On the bi-weekly meetups in Stockholm there’s all kind of cardslinging. Mostly premodern and regular Oldschool but also other older formats.

As I am traveling to Oslo in work I usually can’t attend these meetups cause the wife is working late almost every evening when I’m home in Sweden, but this day I had the opportunity to attend.

As always, there where oldschool games running and the only deck I had ready for battle was my 20-20-20 Robots. I ordered a bottle of red wine and played some games against two different mono green decks.

Took a break talking to some people which I seldom get to meet and after a while Bonnie had assembled his own 20-20-20 build to jam some games.

We sat down, poured some wine and shuffled up, cut and…yeah…why not…ANTE BABY!

Both playing decks way above the 40K limit packed with alpha and beta power! But what the hell, you only live once right! 🙂

After two games we settled the score equally but both with new possessions.

My loss to Björn was this Quinton Hoover piece.
I won a this awesome Rush-Myrbacka Su-Chi

Ante out!

The rules of Hell!

We shall welcome all new members into the Thunderdome of the AnteAnte 40K cabal. But to enter, everybody has to pay – ANTE! To earn the right to wear the Cabal-Pin one has to obey to the following rules:

  • Your Deck has to be Swedish legal
  • Your Deck shall follow the B&R, also for Ante cards
  • Your Deck has a value of at least 40K SEK (3‘800 EUR / 4‘200 USD)
  • You shall not Scry (3) for Ante and you shall not fake Ante
  • You shall not use a Sideboard – play what you have and play straight
  • You have the madness level of a true madman (this one is the most important rule of all)

If you fulfill those simple rules and you find another madman to duel, then duel – WELCOME TO THE THUNDERDOME!

Shuffle – Cut – ANTE!


The Reindeer

PS: before you ask – one can disenchant a Jeweled Bird if the ability is on the stack. You are welcome 🙂

Welcome to hell!

As the Demonic Attorney of this site I hereby officially welcome you all to hell!

Hell is a nice place where you are able to speak freely without the risk of being trolled or eaten by a lesser demon or greater evil.

But, you should keep in mind that there is always rules to follow, even in hell.

Be nice to one another cause even demons, misfits, monsters and others have feelings, respect that!