Casual Win and Loss

On the bi-weekly meetups in Stockholm there’s all kind of cardslinging. Mostly premodern and regular Oldschool but also other older formats.

As I am traveling to Oslo in work I usually can’t attend these meetups cause the wife is working late almost every evening when I’m home in Sweden, but this day I had the opportunity to attend.

As always, there where oldschool games running and the only deck I had ready for battle was my 20-20-20 Robots. I ordered a bottle of red wine and played some games against two different mono green decks.

Took a break talking to some people which I seldom get to meet and after a while Bonnie had assembled his own 20-20-20 build to jam some games.

We sat down, poured some wine and shuffled up, cut and…yeah…why not…ANTE BABY!

Both playing decks way above the 40K limit packed with alpha and beta power! But what the hell, you only live once right! 🙂

After two games we settled the score equally but both with new possessions.

My loss to Björn was this Quinton Hoover piece.
I won a this awesome Rush-Myrbacka Su-Chi

Ante out!

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