2021 Year in Review

Flashback to DISTANCECON 2020 – DFB’s back yard and my first taste of Ante40k. I was hooked instantly, but did not expect it to become far and away my favorite Old School format. In 18 games, played at various events and meetups, and under the influence of various substances (adrenaline being the most potent of the group), I can safely say I am all in on MTWGI.

This is a detailed summary of all my ante games played in 2021:

Mase’s ante games

The cells highlighted in green are the birds I am currently taking care of. The last one is blank as it has not yet flown Mr. Bradley’s coop. Still needs an outfit.

At one point, I had the most well-traveled bird (Incognito), and set the record for the shortest ownership (Over Easy). I won her from DFB before Lobstercon 3, and promptly lost it to Tim Moran about 5 minutes later in what was by far the fastest ante game I’ve played.

Huge thanks to this group of maniacs for making this niche-within-a-niche space one of the very best in Old School. Here’s hoping I can add a bunch more names – opponents and birdies – to this list in 2022!

Hope you all have a safe, happy, and healthy new year!


Bonus swag pic:

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