What’s in a name?

Last night Nick Scarchilli popped his ante cherry in a most ridiculous fashion.  We played 2 games.  He beat me the first with some Sedge Trolls I couldn’t get out from under from (my good birdie saved a Chaos Orb), and got his first named bird – Allie – after the stalwart NEOS meet up location Granfanally’s.  We ran it back, and all of his good birdies had flown the coop (mine saved a Scrubland and another card post-Contract).  I was eventually able to Disintegrate him for 12 to seal the game, and he reveals his face down ante card…


Welcome to the jungle, baby!  To add insult to injury, I had sold him this exact Badlands about a month and a half ago to kickstart his deckbuilding for the format.  He was super graceful (I probably felt worse than he did, honestly) but didn’t want to besmirch my prize with the usual graffiti.  We ultimately decided he should put a fake Rob Alexander signature on it instead.  He took a practice run with a Posca pen, and then go to work.

The interesting part is..it’s actually pretty good!  There was some debate among the night’s attendees if this would actually pass for an authentic signature, and there was only one way to find out.  I posted this last night and the responses immediately started pouring in.  Funny and scary at the same time.  

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