Popping my cherry at N00bcon

2 Years ago I was able to play my first N00bcon. After losing the semi’s against Joel, I walked around the Rotary pub and saw some wizards playing a tournament for Ante. A real tournament, with Swedish legal… Read More

What’s in a name?

Last night Nick Scarchilli popped his ante cherry in a most ridiculous fashion.  We played 2 games.  He beat me the first with some Sedge Trolls I couldn’t get out from under from (my good birdie saved a Chaos… Read More

2021 Year in Review

Flashback to DISTANCECON 2020 – DFB’s back yard and my first taste of Ante40k. I was hooked instantly, but did not expect it to become far and away my favorite Old School format. In 18 games, played at… Read More

It oiseaunly the beginning

As dusk enveloped another muggy New England Saturday, five fully vaccinated wizards converged for cards, drinks, and – most importantly – for the first time in 15 months, a proper, capital-G Gathering.   I was mostly there for the latter,… Read More

n00bcoM after party

Nothing beats a game of real magic, right. As me and Jonnie had planned to play n00bcoM at the same site event though the prevailing circumstances regarding COVID-19 we also talked about jamming som real magic after the… Read More

Vienna Geddonless Ante-geddon

As the only two contract-carrying madmen attending the Viennageddon tournament last weekend, The Reindeer and I crossed birds in a duel for ANTE superiority. We had a great series of 7 Ante40k games over the course of two… Read More

Worlds farthest up Ante Gathering

Welcome, Madmen around the Globe. We proudly present the worlds farthes up Ante Gathering! On top of Mount Rigi, great men of honor meet up to battle for Beer, Rum and AnteAnte! It was a cloudy day –… Read More

Tales of the Ante40K community

Since N00bcon 2019, playing for Ante is kind a thing – during various Tournaments we tried to organize a “REAL Tournament after the Tournament” and play for real Ante (including all the nice Ante Cards of course 🙂… Read More

It has to be London

London – legendary City in which so much happened. It will also be the place where the first high-stake-international Ante40K tournament with 7 +1 Players will take place 🙂 After the Main tournament, the REAL main tournament started…. Read More

Casual Win and Loss

On the bi-weekly meetups in Stockholm there’s all kind of cardslinging. Mostly premodern and regular Oldschool but also other older formats. As I am traveling to Oslo in work I usually can’t attend these meetups cause the wife… Read More