Worlds farthest up Ante Gathering

Welcome, Madmen around the Globe. We proudly present the worlds farthes up Ante Gathering! On top of Mount Rigi, great men of honor meet up to battle for Beer, Rum and AnteAnte! It was a cloudy day –… Read More

Tales of the Ante40K community

Since N00bcon 2019, playing for Ante is kind a thing – during various Tournaments we tried to organize a “REAL Tournament after the Tournament” and play for real Ante (including all the nice Ante Cards of course 🙂… Read More

It has to be London

London – legendary City in which so much happened. It will also be the place where the first high-stake-international Ante40K tournament with 7 +1 Players will take place 🙂 After the Main tournament, the REAL main tournament started…. Read More

Casual Win and Loss

On the bi-weekly meetups in Stockholm there’s all kind of cardslinging. Mostly premodern and regular Oldschool but also other older formats. As I am traveling to Oslo in work I usually can’t attend these meetups cause the wife… Read More

The rules of Hell!

We shall welcome all new members into the Thunderdome of the AnteAnte 40K cabal. But to enter, everybody has to pay – ANTE! To earn the right to wear the Cabal-Pin one has to obey to the following… Read More