Worlds farthest up Ante Gathering

Welcome, Madmen around the Globe. We proudly present the worlds farthes up Ante Gathering! On top of Mount Rigi, great men of honor meet up to battle for Beer, Rum and AnteAnte!

It was a cloudy day – no just kidding, sun was shining and the temperatures were really nice for January. The biggest, most numerous and gigantic Ante Tournament took place! Two players – i repeat – TWO PLAYERS (world record on this height!) shuffled their Decks, they cutted and (you know what there is to come) they Ante’d! Yes, they Ante’d and battled for victory.

Jason “the legend” VS Christian “the Reindeer”. Two foes with individual strenghts and weaknesses. Two players of the first minute of this glorious format. And two Friends. The first big surprise was the bird which hitted the table from Reindeer. A really good bird saved the mighty Chaos Orb from changing sides to Jason. Reindeer followed up with a City in a Bottle and ruined all dreams for a victory for Jason. With 5 Arabian Nights cards in his hand (two Cities) he never regained the strength and got beaten down by a very angry Electric Eel to zero live. Urrrg. First Match goes to Reindeer.

But it is not a proper tournament without a proper revenge. So both players shuffled, cutted aaaaaaaand Ante’d again of course. This time the match went back and forth. Jason with his Robots tried to gain advantage, but Reindeer had Shatters and a Disk ready to parry. No Birds saw the daylight of the battlefield and the Ante stayed hidden for the whole game. in Turn 10ish, Reindeer slammed the most feared foe for Jason on the table. Jason gave a whining moan, never heard before in the whole carreer of both players. It seemed that a Leviathan hitted the table – but NO, it was an electric Eel haha. Unresponded and fuelled with 4 Red the Eel managed to attack twice and deal lethal to poor Jason. Game Over. Two Games – Tournament done.

Tournament Price – altered from Mari “the Destroyer”

The Spoils of War – the winner takes it all. Even a lonely Kraken – hand painted from mighty Mari Stenhage, was waiting to change sides. But it did not happen.

Spoils of War!

Thank you Jason for this great opportunity and see you next time in Vienna.





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