Fishliver War Report

Time for a short war report from the 2019 Fishliver Oil Cup!

First I played some games with Jason. He was on the same deck as when we played on the Magic Island Tour, Rb atog with lots of artifacts but few creatures, but I had managed to make my tax/tower millstone deck even worse for everybody involved: I had turned it into Buehler tax/tower combo with the Land’s Edge finish. Twice, it failed miserably, but once, I got Library of Leng + Ivory Tower going and ended up at over 170 life. In that game, I also managed to stop all Jason’s birds, so while I lost a bird the other two games, in this game, I did win this beauty, my first non-Bird spoils:

Then, for the next days, I rebuilt my deck into BW control. I only got in two games, but I thoroughly demolished Christian, resupplying my Birds. Really looking forward to revisiting this deck in the future. Unless the Land Tax decks, it was a lot of fun to play. (Possibly because I won by huge margins. Possibly.)

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